Noname – Telefone

Hip-hop fans have long been awaiting a debut project from Chicago rapper Noname. Formerly known as Noname Gypsy, Noname made a name for herself via a flurry of guest spots on songs from Chicago artists like Mick Jenkins and Chance The Rapper. Her talent was obvious  - but for years, listeners lived without a full-fledged project, and without a real … [Read more...]

Cary Grace – Tygerland

Since releasing her first album in 2004, Cary Grace has continued to make and produce music that takes its influences from a range of sources wider than that of many other musicians. Country and blues rock, progressive and space rock, folk and experimental inspirations are all to be found within the music she has recorded over the last decade. … [Read more...]

Interview with Nick de la Hoyde

Hey there, Nick!  It’s so cool to get the chance to touch base with you and find out what you’re up to these days.  I’m smitten with your single “The Longest Way” and wanted to see what you have planned for the rest of 2015.  Will you be dropping a debut album anytime soon?  Or more singles or an EP? Hey Jen, I am really glad you liked my single … [Read more...]

Hot Single from Australian hip-popster Nick de la Hoyde

In the current musical landscape, there are no longer geographical barriers. You don’t have to be from hotspots New York or L.A. to be a rap/hip-pop artist. Poetry and pop music can go hand-in-hand, and an MC doesn’t need to shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. So now is the perfect time to introduce Nick de la Hoyde – the young … [Read more...]

Sleep Maps – Fiction Makes The Future

NYC-based Sleep Maps, the project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Kaplan, treads similar sonic territory as the band Deafheaven, but instead of strong screamo vocals, Sleep Maps peppers its songs with retro, radio or TV announcer spoken word clips, fluid guitar lines, and more varied tempos. Ben has fleshed out Sleep Maps into a full band for this … [Read more...]

Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells

Art rock, by its very name, implies a certain level of pretention not common to other subgenres and categorical demarcations.  Bubblegum pop, acid house, chillwave, folktronica, you name it – none of these styles have that uncanny ability to evoke highfaluting snobbery like those tagged with the “art” prefix.  Brian Eno – famed songwriter, … [Read more...]

Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here

Imagine yourself for a moment as one of the leading pioneers of hip-hop music. Crowned by many as the sole reason for rap’s creation and seen by many as an integral figure in the betterment of their lives, Gil Scott-Heron was cut from a different cloth. The spoken-word wonder, the towering figure; he’s spent much of his life in spreading messages … [Read more...]