Spacemen 3 – Sound Of Confusion, The Perfect Prescription and Performance (coloured vinyl reissues)

Spacemen 3’s catalogue has suffered from repeated reissue/repackage exploitation over the years. Previously such treatment largely capitalised on those seeking the originals of key songs that had an afterlife through co-founder Jason Pierce choosing to play them live with the more successful yet now increasingly irrelevant Spiritualized. However, … [Read more...]

FAO#33: Land Observations & Dead Rat Orchestra

Although instrumental music is so intrinsic to our daily life, whether it’s deadly lift muzak or the enthralling score to an on-screen drama, it’s still considered somewhat of an oddity for your average music fan to stock up on releases with a wordless voice-free remit.  Which is a shame, as good instrumental music can often be a life-line for … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – Your Heart, It Carries The Sound

Having found a renewed sense of intimacy and focus on 2011’s impressive low-key Lights mini-album, this new Last Harbour long-player comes with a greater sense anticipation than 2010’s Volo prequel.  And although Lights came more consciously bound in a stand-alone and simplified approach, there is certainly a sense of continuity on Your Heart, It … [Read more...]

Dreamend – The Long Forgotten Friend

Dreamend have hit on something original. Putting a folksy spin on shoegaze, this Chicago band scores on their powerfully esoteric new LP, The Long Forgotten Friend. These tracks fill space using cymbal heavy drum beats, bass, acoustic, and astral electric guitars, as well as keys, a banjo, and layered vocals. But luckily all this doesn't chase away … [Read more...]