Artists On Albums: AOA#29 (Land Observations’ James Brooks on Recurring)

Land Observations’ James Brooks on… Spacemen 3’s Recurring (Fire Records, 1990) When I think of records that influenced my musical approach and belief set, few left the impression that Recurring had on me. At that stage in my musical development the earlier records were still to be hunted down and discovered.  However, in late-1990 … [Read more...]

FAO#33: Land Observations & Dead Rat Orchestra

Although instrumental music is so intrinsic to our daily life, whether it’s deadly lift muzak or the enthralling score to an on-screen drama, it’s still considered somewhat of an oddity for your average music fan to stock up on releases with a wordless voice-free remit.  Which is a shame, as good instrumental music can often be a life-line for … [Read more...]

Wooden Shjips – Remixes 12″

It can be an expensive full time hobby trying to keep up with Ripley Johnson’s prolific twin output with Wooden Shjips and Moon Duo (pity the impoverished dedicated follower of both outfits whom is also a Robert Pollard/Guided By Voices collector…) and during these cash-strapped times even ‘snooze or lose’ limited vinyl releases have to be … [Read more...]