Herbcraft – The Astral Body Electric

Lets be honest, despite the success of Brian Eno's Ambient albums, Phillip Glass's cinematic exploits, and the fact that Sigur Ros regularly tour arenas; ambient is by no means a thriving aspect of popular music. So every time I come across a band who are willing to explore and experiment with every corner of every tangent of every motif, I get … [Read more...]

Sonarpilot – Mothership

What today is known as ambient electronic instrumental music was called space music back in the day and Sonarpilot provides us a trip in the musical way-back machine with Mothership, a double disc set of 11 tracks and over two hours of space music that may remind you of those dreamy nights sitting in a beanbag chair and cranking up the Klaus … [Read more...]

Remora – Derivative

So, this one is interesting. Remora (Brian John Mitchell) has come up with an idea that is now committed to record on Derivative: play a short line from someone else's song, loop it, and play over top of it. Thus the album name. Some of the derived segments you'll recognize, some you probably won't, but that's OK. The music doesn't depend on the … [Read more...]