Landing – Wave Lair

Adding punctuation to a year that saw them return from dormancy with a lively self-titled album, Connecticut space-rockers Landing have released a 32-minute mini-album/EP titled Wave Lair. This year's Landing acted as a reboot for the group, furthering their already-wide scope into territory which included loud beats and fast tempos. Wave Lair … [Read more...]

Q&A with Paul Waclawsky of The Boxing Lesson

Hello Paul! How are you doing? I’m excited to find out more about you after catching your fantastic video for the slow-burning stunner “Muerta”, which I reviewed here at DOA. I’ve also had the chance to listen to the whole Muerta EP, which you released in the beginning of August on New Fortune Records. When did you first start up the band and have … [Read more...]

The Boxing Lesson – “Muerta” video

“Muerta” by The Boxing Lesson is a grand, deliberately-paced slow-builder awash with bluesy slide guitar lines, deep, solemn organ notes, and tense, pained vocals from lead vocalist Paul Waclawsky. Paul’s lamenting vocals arc upwards in airy anguish, as he strings out the words “…waiting to die.”, backed by Jaylinn Davidson’s sweeter-toned vocals. … [Read more...]

Empty Space Orchestra – Empty Space Orchestra

Empty Space Orchestra reminds me a lot of the movie Snakes on a Plane and not because of the obvious plot “twist”. The two share the whole “leave-nothing-to-the-imagination” motif, and you can basically infer what you expect to see or hear based on the title alone. So with that said, and for the sake of redundancy, do not come into this thinking … [Read more...]

The Black Ryder – Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper, both formerly of the Australian band The Morning After Girls, formed The Black Ryder in 2007, toured extensively in 2008 with similar-vibe bands Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Raveonettes, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and in 2009 released their debut album Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride in Australia.  The band … [Read more...]

Bardo Pond – S/T

When a band has been making LPs for over two decades and release an album after a gap of five years between full-lengths, comparisons to past efforts are assuredly unavoidable. But not here. Somehow Bardo Pond releases have managed to elude my ears all these years, so this review comes to you unencumbered by expectation. This self-titled LP is … [Read more...]

Interview with The Black Ryder

When Australia’s The Black Ryder caught my unsuspecting ear just a couple of weeks ago, I was immediately drawn to the band’s sound like a doomed, but dazzled moth to the flickering flame.  Pretty much everything I love about music can be found throughout The Black Ryder’s debut album Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride. Densely layered textures of … [Read more...]

Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt

Fluent in that universal language of space-rock, France’s Year of No Light create music partly inspired by the caves and bitter winters of their hometown of Bordeaux. Their second album Ausserwelt is a tour de force of massively atmospheric instrumental music drawing on elements of drone metal, shoegazing and even hardcore punk and thrash metal, … [Read more...]

Dead Leaf Echo – Truth

Dead Leaf Echo is a few releases into its career of making spacious shoegaze reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s British pioneers. The band's latest, Truth, hews to the formulas once again, only this time it has slowed down the pace and opted for less of a rock sound. The Brooklyn trio still gets a big sound from its three members, though. … [Read more...]

Harvestman, U.S. Christmas, Minsk – Hawkwind Triad

In the annals of psychedelic/space rock few are as venerated as Hawkwind. One of the great pioneers of the genre, yet sadly (almost criminally) unknown to many, other than "the band Lemmy got kicked out of before he started Motorhead." That being said, it is a testament to the quality and staying power of the music of Nick Turner and Co. that, more … [Read more...]