New video from Windfall Found

WindfallFound returns with their latest single, "Floating (Pulling For The Heavens Pt. 2)". The instrumental piece is a sequel to their previously released "Soaring (Pulling For The Heavens Pt. 1)", continuing the journey into the great unknown, drifting away to a place that is cold, frightening, & magnificent. The song is take from … [Read more...]

Ambient artist Joel Dandywine shares 3 Songs off Album

Emerging ambient artist Joel Dandywine shares three new tracks from forthcoming debut album. Self-proclaimed ambient soundscape artist Joel Dandywine merges his old school ambient influences with glitchy beats and gently rolling drums to create a surreal sonic mixture suitable for both daydreaming and nightdreaming. The three new tracks … [Read more...]

Crone – Endless Midnight

Ever wonder what happens when an intelligent post-rock/metal outfit runs out of creativity?  They disband, that's what.  ISIS realized it was time to stop and thankfully so.  I think they realized it a bit late but "better late than never".  Much to the dismay of their dorky young male cult following, the first related project release is not metal … [Read more...]

French Teen Idol – El Siete Es La Luz

Talk about false advertising.  There is no one French is this band.  No one who is a teen.  No one who is worthy to bow down to.  French Teen Idol is not even a “band” per se, but a solo instrumental project created by Rome, Italy-based Andrea Di Carlo.  He crafts his ambient electronic soundscapes from repetitive loops and layered progressions, … [Read more...]

Interview with Russell Karloff of She Sir

Hello Russell!  It’s great to be doing this interview with you.  From what I understand, you and M. Grusha are the core members of the band and you have an ever-evolving line-up of guest collaborators for your two EPs, live show, and upcoming debut album.  At this point in time, who is in the band? Hi!  It's true; we're the only constants in an … [Read more...]

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy Present – Unseen Music Unheard Words

An album over three years in the making, Unseen Music Unheard Words is an inviting blend of lyrics and vocals by Steve Kilbey of The Church and soundscapes by Martin Kennedy of All India Radio.  Their collaboration spans 12 songs at 51 minutes and delivers gently flowing, relaxed, and mesmerizing atmospherics with Steve's inimitable vocal and … [Read more...]

p d wilder – f/m

P d wilder, the guitarist of the Texas-based, post-rock, instrumental band Hotel Hotel has released his own album on the Gears Of Sand record label, and it's a 13-song, almost 70-minutes long, instrumental exploration that was recorded in several locations including the snowy realms of Fargo, North Dakota.  The soundscapes herein are replete with … [Read more...]

Interview with SPC ECO

Let me introduce you to the sonic splendor of Dean Garcia's (of Curve) latest band, SPC ECO, and while you read between the letters on the band's name, prepare to get lost in a reverie of hypnotic, deeply textured soundscapes of pulsing electronic rhythms, distorted guitar grind, and sweetly soft, airy vocals courtesy of Rose … [Read more...]