Loscil – Endless Falls

Under the name Loscil, Scott Morgan has spent the last ten years exploring the borderlands between ambient and ambient techno, never quite falling all the way into one or the other. Over the course of his first four full-lengths, he consistently found a place where melody, sonic motion, and glitchy, barely-there rhythms coexisted, bouncing and … [Read more...]

Sparklehorse + Fennesz – In the Fishtank 15

Almost one full decade into the new millennium, and indie rockers and laptop sound artists are still strange bedfellows. While over the years there has been minor seepage of electronics into indie rock, usually in the form of electronic beats or synth arpeggios, and similar seepage of MBV-esque, shoegazer gauziness into software-based sound art, … [Read more...]

Nicola Ratti – Ode

Music is a form of cooperation. Rhythm is the most frequently used means of fostering that end along a continuum of time. Melody is the linear sequencing of pitches, and feeds off of a common key and scale. Harmony is the simultaneous layering of pitches together to create more complex musical relationships. Music built on these rational notions of … [Read more...]

Pimmon – Smudge Another Yesterday

"Smudge Another Yesterday is an exploration of the song behind the noise; the secret whispers hidden in the static.” So says the press release accompanying revered sound sculptor Pimmon’s first full length release in over five years. What exactly "the song behind the noise" is or could be, I’m not exactly sure. Nor is it explicit upon listening. … [Read more...]