Inc. – No World

“The place that we already know, I feel like we’ve been here before.” The Aged brothers are sure acting the part if they haven’t already been “here” before. Nary a moment is wasted as this opening line chisels out the album’s first track, “the place”. The atmosphere is hardly arid concerning not only the lyrics but also the hip-hop drenched … [Read more...]

Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE

It’s terribly hard nowadays to try and discuss an album one enjoys without sounding too preachy, too emotionally attached and too, well, in love. I’m not sure if that’s a facet of the times or perhaps, it’s always seemed that way (did everyone get annoyed when every single album by Stevie Wonder was universally loved or was it justly expected?) but … [Read more...]

Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the Universe

Donning not only a hugely personal but also prolific street credibility is just one of the many assets provided by 60’s and 70’s Soul idol, Bobby Womack. From hits like, “Across 110th Street” seen in Tarantino movies to “Lookin for a Love” which is held up as one of the best Funk/Soul hits of the 1970’s, Womack finds himself amongst the … [Read more...]

Lee Fields & the Expressions – Faithful Man

Where music often finds itself stuck inside of clichés and trite comparisons that do little for the contrast, there is some music that finds itself progressing through its brandished roots – sliding towards a new agenda, rather than sticking with the same old shtick. When it comes to soul music, some purists would have you believe the genre died … [Read more...]

Amos Lee – Live From SoHo

If you don’t consider the music of Dylan protégé and folk-rock aficionado Amos Lee to be your bag, then the odds of his recently released Live From SoHo iTunes album swaying your mindset are minimal.  Sure, the Philly-born songwriter has copped a style that is a sure bet for fans of Zimmy, Neil Young, and James Taylor, but his well-worn roots … [Read more...]

Bing Ji Ling – Shadow to Shine

Shadow to Shine, the newest record by funk/soul/pop musician Bing Ji Ling, is an extremely enjoyable and impressive work. Full of lush music, catchy melodies, inspiring singing, and a fun vibe, it’s consistently varied and entertaining; in fact, it’s an album you could almost never get tired of. Bing Ji Ling is the nom de plume of NYC-based … [Read more...]

Little Tybee – Humorous to Bees

One of the trickiest things to do in music is combine influences without sounding derivative. It takes true skill, focus, and cohesion of minds to channel multiple genres into a fresh, genuine and organic new identity. On its second LP, Humorous to Bees, Little Tybee has done just that. With a wonderful blend of styles and a fun, free vibe, the … [Read more...]

Liz Janes – Say Goodbye

With a career that has spanned more than ten years, Liz Janes still sounds determinedly visceral with her music on Say Goodbye. Most of the time, one should be able to gather everything intended by purely listening to the music. While that would be the ideal situation, outside forces creep in and influence our overall judgment. But Janes has taken … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – False Priest

Prolific songwriters tend to flabbergast with their steady flow of releases, sometimes unfortunately casting aside true substance in favor pure mass.  Kevin Barnes – operating, as always, under his Of Montreal guise – is no stranger to this trend, having time and again astonished audiences with both his rapid fire cadence of new releases and … [Read more...]

Chloe Charles – Little Green Bud EP

The Little Green Bud EP will immediately strike you because Chloe Charles has a phenomenal voice, but we all know a great set of pipes means squat if the music behind it can't support it. Fortunately, Charles' five song collection showcases not just her lovely vocals, but also an interesting mix of chamber pop, folk, and jazz. While anyone can … [Read more...]