Interview with Brandy Butler

It’s so good to chat with you about your music and the meaning behind it.  Speaking of which, when thinking of the phrase 'Truth in art', what does this mean to you? I think that is a loaded, big phrase. There are lots of truths, and lots of different kinds of art, so it’s hard to be all-encompassing and yet specific. However, I think … [Read more...]

Short Takes (WAAX, Matthew Morgan, Lael Summer & Luca Bash)

WAAX – “I For An Eye” Some of musicdom’s still-hidden treasures reside in the land of Australia.  Hot spots like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are bristling with talented and high-energy musical acts that deserve to be unearthed and displayed on the world’s stage.  One such gem is the Brisbane-based, punk-influenced rock band WAAX.  Marie … [Read more...]