Spectres – “Stealed Scene” b/w Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – “The Sky Of All Places”

As part of a concerted campaign of protest against the misaligned mechanics of Record Store Day - as outlined in full on the Record Store Day Is Dying website - comes a split seven inch co-released by Sonic Cathedral and Howling Owl Records, featuring Bristol’s Spectres and Guadalajara’s Lorelle Meets The Obsolete covering each other’s noise-soaked … [Read more...]

Spectres – Dying

The Barnstaple-born but firmly now Bristol-based Spectres have followed a satisfyingly old school career path to date; choosing to grow at a healthy organic pace through a string of collectible short-form releases (predominantly on the self-built Howling Owl label) and relentless gigging (with the likes of The Vacant Lots, Lorelle Meets The … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Psych For Sore Eyes 2

It’s been a richly productive and transformative year for Sonic Cathedral.  No longer just an ostensible outpost for those who never forgave Ride for Carnival Of Light or those that kept the faith to enable this year’s Slowdive reunion, the label has broadened its horizons to take in the self-rejuvenating solo works of Luna’s Dean Wareham, the … [Read more...]

Dean Wareham – self-titled

Following speedily on from last year’s sublime mini-LP, Emancipated Hearts, Dean Wareham carries on solo trading with the first self-monikered full-length set of his continuously enlightening post-Luna career.  Those expecting the album to be an overtly rocking reaction to the intricate and pensive Emancipated Hearts - particularly with My Morning … [Read more...]

Dean Wareham – Emancipated Hearts

Having successfully quashed any concerns about securing a sustainable existence in the wake of Luna’s 2005 dissolution - thanks to his ongoing role as one half of Dean & Britta, soundtrack work, publishing his enjoyable Black Postcards memoir and live shows revisiting the Galaxie 500 songbook - Dean Wareham now continues his diverse renaissance … [Read more...]

Yeti Lane – The Echo Show

I’ve always had an affinity for shoegaze/psych-pop; striking melodies and vocals are complemented with experimental, somewhat avant-garde production, culminating in fascinating and moving music. On its second LP, The Echo Show, Yeti Lane achieve this perfectly. Each listen reveals more nuances, and the songs etch themselves in your mind. The … [Read more...]

Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon

Sarabeth Tucek's second album is in some aspects informed by tragedy. The songwriting sessions for the twelve songs on Get Well Soon were overshadowed by the death of her father, and at least some of the songs contain a perceptibly highly personal and perhaps wounded sense of loss and bereavement. Some, but not all. Sarabeth gives every impression … [Read more...]