Interview with Tidelands

  Hello Gabriel and Mie!  It’s so sweet to be doing this interview with you both for the imminent release of your sophomore album We’ve Got A Map.  From what I’ve read, you were working on We’ve Got A Map during or right after the July 2011 release of your first album, If… What compelled you to jump right into the music pool again so … [Read more...]

Q&A with DL Byron

A previously posted part of this Interview contained statements made by DL Byron about Billy Joel which are completely untrue.  The artist who was being referenced was Billy Joe Royal, NOT Billy Joel. We regret the error. Hi DL!  It’s great to have this opportunity to be in contact with you and see what you’ve got going on in the musical sphere … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

The Phoenix Foundation – Buffalo Memphis Industries Records The Phoenix Foundation (not to be confused with French band Phoenix) has released Buffalo (album cover-wise not to be confused with the Heartless Bastards’ recent artwork), a breezy, but hit-or-miss potluck of retro, refined, … [Read more...]

Leland Sundries – The Apothecary EP

Singer-songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton is Leland Sundries and on The Apothecary EP he offers up 5 songs that traverse vintage Americana territory by way of modern Brooklyn.  Nick plays guitar, accordion, banjo, and harmonica and is accompanied by David Kross on bass guitar, Joe Lops on electric guitar, Adam Blake on drums, and Quinn McCarthy on … [Read more...]

Transient Songs – Cave Syndrome

Primarily the work of a duo, Transient Songs sounds like a full band on Cave Syndrome. Even though the group likes to compare itself to The Church and The Chameleons, its music reaches back a bit farther, into the neo-psych of Green on Red or Dream Syndicate quite a bit. This stuff is really singer-songwriter work. You know how it is: acoustic … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

If we went by looks only, it's obvious by the cover-featuring two star-crossed lovers kissing in the back of a car-that Bob Dylan's new album is a rough outlook on love. This is his 33rd studio album and while it isn't as hard-hitting, nor as gripping as his previous, Modern Times, Together Through Life is one of Dylan's most relaxed albums to … [Read more...]

Kellarissa – Flamingo

Kellarissa is the latest incarnation of singer/songwriter Larissa Loyva who was previously part of the bands P:ano and Choir Practice, and under her new name she has recorded the ten-song album Flamingo, which is out on the Canadian label Mint Records.  The mix of studio and home recordings fly, but sometimes rely too much on the power of … [Read more...]

Bruce Springsteen – Working on a Dream

Somewhere along the way, Bruce Springsteen realized that it was time to get back to his pop sensibilities. Those same feelings that allowed him to write many of the greatest songs of our time and frankly, of all time. And after his strong resurgence with 2002’s The Rising, the immense legend has since turned in gem after gem. He’s turning 60 years … [Read more...]