Short Takes on 4 Songs

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – “Pins” With a slew of accolades, an upcoming album, Eclectica, on the way, and the release of an official video for “Pins”, the members of indie rock band Grown Up Avenger Stuff are keeping themselves in the musical mix.  Deirdre Kroener (vocals), Tyler Thomsen (percussion), Hunter Thomsen (bass), and John Thomsen … [Read more...]

Depeche Mode – “Heaven”

Depeche Mode, the long-running U.K. electronic rock/pop band and touchstone for many an aspiring and established outfit, is still alive and kicking.  Delta Machine, studio album #13, is slated for release on March 26th. Lead single “Heaven” was offered up in late January and the official video has garnered over 3 and ½ million views on YouTube so … [Read more...]

Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity release albums

SEATTLE, WA-BASED GARY REYNOLDS AND THE BRIDES OF OBSCURITY BEGIN TO RELEASE A SONG A WEEK AND A FULL-LENGTH ALBUM A MONTH FOR ALL OF 2010 Seattle, Washington-based Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity, fronted by Electrokitty Studios owner, engineer, and producer Gary Reynolds (vocals, guitar, piano), will release a song a week, every … [Read more...]

Free song download from The Cloud I’m Under

"Dim The Lights" is the latest song from The Cloud I'm Under.  This time around he's toning down the electronics and incorporating elements of punk and country. Download: Dim The Lights Visit for more info. … [Read more...]

Dashboard Confessional- “Even Now”

And they’re back again, “Hands Down,” and still “Screaming Infidelities”. Dashboard Confessional came out with their new album, Alter The Ending, on November 11. The album as a whole is really deep and heartfelt, as DC always has been. Original fans will be proud, and new ones should definitely take a listen to DC’s previous albums. The acoustic … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – “Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion”

Not the most intriguing song title, but Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs combine old-school DIY, plucky charm of bright, sing-song vocals and cheeky lyrics about accordions, scorpions, and…yes, beef bourguignon (love the British accent on that word) – with a sudden descent into a shouty, discordant inferno of chaos at the end of the tune. The … [Read more...]