Group Love – s/t EP

Group Love are unsigned for whatever reason, but this Los Angeles product put themselves on my radar by coming out with a solid EP that features a killer song. That's all you need, really, when you're dealing with an EP. Just one killer song and a group of songs that can keep up decently. Their self-titled EP does a good job of that and now they're … [Read more...]

Painted Hills – s/t

Painted Hills throw just enough haze to mask their straightforward rock music, with a thin veil over the production and some synth help. It's just the kind of come-and-go music that will always make up the bulk of the music landscape. How many awful albums do you hear? If you aren't an over-reactive extremist, there's probably three or four albums … [Read more...]

Various Artists – The Matinee Grand Pix

Grand Prix is a compilation from Matinee Recordings. The contributors include, Northern Portrait, Strawberry Whiplash, The Lucksmiths, The Electric Pop Group, Clay Hips, Tender Trap, Simpatico, Cats on Fire, Bubblebum Lemonade, Math and Physics Club, and The Guild League. The compilation is a collection of eleven soft guitar-pop tunes. The focus … [Read more...]

Marty Willson-Piper – Nightjar

Marty Willson-Piper is known more as the guitarist for the Australian 80's band The Church than for his solo career, even though Nightjar is his 6th solo album. But instead of like a fine wine that grows better with age, it appears Willson-Piper’s music has fermented for too long and has lost some flavor. It’s not quite all sour grapes however, but … [Read more...]

Benjamin Taylor – The Legend Of Kung Folk Part 1 (The Killing Bite)

Ben Taylor, the son of renowned folk-rockers James Taylor and Carly Simon, offers a few possible explanations for the peculiar title of his new CD: 1. Work with folk or for that matter, metamorphic folk as it happens in nature (musically and otherwise) 2. Folk with a kick. 3. A complex but pleasantly breezy blend of music, love and kung … [Read more...]