Cotton Jones- “Blood Red Sentimental Blues”

The feeling of sitting on the front porch, listening to woozy folk music may be experienced primarily in a regional context, but the idea is something very relatable. This is something Cotton Jones conveys very easily through his down-home approach. "Blood Red Sentimental Blues" rolls along with steady, easy acoustic strumming and a light keyboard … [Read more...]

Venice is Sinking- Sand & Lines

I had the privilege of reviewing last year's EP Okay by Venice is Sinking. Somehow I got them again, this time for a live LP recorded at the now-defunct (but rebuilding) Georgia Theatre. If you're leery about live albums (understandable), just know that there is no crowd, only the band performing. There's no trace of this being live, beyond a … [Read more...]

William Hut – Silent Hum

William is clearly talented, with a terrific voice and an acute ability for writing a pop song. Hut is clearly going to appease a certain taste, I guess you just have to decide if he's your taste or not. I could definitely see him on the Sirius soft-pop station with Ray Lamontagne and Coldplay, but there's baroque elements in his music that adds to … [Read more...]