Highland Kites – I’m Not Weak

Highland Kites are the duo of Marissa Lamar and Neil Briggs, joined here by guitarist Alex Edwards, and I'm Not Weak is their fourth album release, although at five tracks it more probably qualifies as a mini-album. It's certainly enough to persuade the listener to peruse the Highland Kites back catalogue, however. Perhaps best or more easily … [Read more...]

Stellarscope – This Is Who We Are

With an extensive discography that boasts an impressive album per year ratio, you’d be in good company expecting shoegaze outfit Stellarscope to sound every bit like the veteran act they appear to be on paper. Yet with more than a dozen recordings under their belts since 1998, these Philadelphia psychedelic rockers ironically still sound like a … [Read more...]

Silversun Pickups – Swoon

Initially, I was feeling damned determined to write an entire review of the latest album from the Silversun Pickups without namedropping that other band with whom they share the SP acronym. My rationale for this, to be perfectly honest, was based on stubborn and illogical principles; surely a 21st century indie rock band from the eternally hip … [Read more...]