Short Takes on 3 Albums

Alcest – Shelter The French, post-black metal duo of Neige and Winterhalter has released its 4th studio album and it’s a shoegazer genre-inspired beauty that cuts ties with Alcest’s original post-black metal sound.  Gone are the occasional rapid-fire drum beats, slicing edge of the metal guitar blade, and Neige’s sometimes shouted out vocals.  … [Read more...]

Melon – Never Eat on an Empty Stomach

I’m going to be completely forthright; I’ve never heard of “stoner rock” as a genre qualification.  I’ve heard of slack-rock, math-rock, art-rock, but never stoner-rock.  Though I somewhat resent the idea of a subset of music being grouped in terms of a state of mind that has nothing to do with the actual sound that’s being labeled (genre-labeling … [Read more...]