Brainoil – Death Of This Dry Season

After the release of their extremely well received self-titled debut LP via Life Is Abuse it has taken Oakland’s Brainoil eight years to return with a follow up, the members all drifting off into various projects and putting the band on hold. The trio of Greg Wilkinson, Ira Harris and Nathan Smith are now back and on August 2nd release their new … [Read more...]

Whitehorse – Progression

Apparently, Melbourne band Whitehorse caused a stir and had some solid acclaim directed their way from certain quarters in regard to their self–titled debut album in 2007. Their sound of death metal warmed up in a sludge/doom medium drew much attention and intent interest in the release. Though admittedly not having heard the debut, it is hard to … [Read more...]

Sourvein – Black Fang

Armed with the unrelenting, oppressive blanket of sound sludge/doom metalers Sourvein are known for, comes a new release dripping in uncompromising and punishing noise. Spanning ten pulsating and scathing slabs of metal, Black Fang is an all consuming hungry beast that is sure to delight existing fans of the band and other followers of the darker … [Read more...]

Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon

After four years of tribulation, this North Carolina sludge metal troupe is once again chasing the dragon.  Dixie Dave is one toe shy after being a bit careless while cleaning his gun, there was much physical injury due to the southern boy penchant for partying, and they all suffered pain and loss in general. Hopefully, at this point they've … [Read more...]

Reflector – Pass

Reflector is absolutely punishing. Apparently just a duo, they crank out chiseled, bloody doom-sludge from little more than guitar and drums. This is not your average, high-school transcendent metal band, the amount of musicianship behind their latest record Pass is easily noticeable and incredibly impressive. Pass doesn’t sprint, it chugs. It … [Read more...]