Thraw – Encephalic Oppressions EP

I think it is safe to say metal music is popular in Slavic countries with thrash especially favoured and produced in abundance and with quality. Slovenian band Thraw are one of those bands keeping thrash alive and driving it onwards worldwide with their Bay Area style attack. Thrash is still everywhere in various guises and interpretations with … [Read more...]

Laibach Volk – Dead In Trbovlje

They aren't exactly international superstars, Laibach. Dimly remembered for their ironic reinterpretations of mainstream eurohits such as "Final Countdown" and "Live Is Life", Laibach never quite got around to covering Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus", or if they did it was never released. Eastern european bikers gone electro, their image wasn't ever … [Read more...]