Cruachan – “The Column”

Here we have another addition to the many other Viking/Pagan bands invading the Metal scene. Along side the likes of Alestorm and Skyforger, Cruachan look as though they're fresh from the front line of battle alongside William Wallace. Hailing from Ireland and dubbed "Celtic Folk Metal" by Metal Storm.Net, Blood On The Black Robe is their sixth … [Read more...]

Skyforger – “Son Of The Mare”

Skyforger is a 5 piece group from Latvia, a country in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe. "Son Of The Mare" is track two off of their latest album, Kurbads, released after seven years. I found out about this band from simply skimming through the Metal section at a record store. I do this every once in a while, thumb through the stacks looking … [Read more...]