Jen Grygiel – s/t EP

Poets, philosophers, psychologists, and theologians have been writing about love since the dawn of time, but there’s something about its multi-faceted complexities that continues to intrigue us.  It would be fair to assume that without amour as a subject, the film and music industries would’ve collapsed ages ago.  Indeed, love – be it passion, … [Read more...]

Emily Howard – s/t EP

I reviewed the debut EP from this talented singer/songwriter only a couple of months ago, or so it seems; praising it for the immaculate blending of pop and rock that seemed almost far too accomplished for someone only just releasing her first material. And now Howard is back with a new three-track EP, which is a mellower, more romantic offering … [Read more...]

NEeMA – Watching You Think

Singer/Songwriter NEeMA has crafted something deeply personal and precious with her sophomore LP, Watching You Think. Its wonderful unity of lightly orchestrated folk, intelligent poetry, warm production, and endearing, almost vulnerable vocals make it an instant classic in the genre. NEeMA entrances you with her affective tales of life. Born of … [Read more...]

Emily Howard – Wind Me Up EP

Emily Howard is a St Louis based singer/songwriter. This is her debut EP, which has already seen her gaining a lot of critical acclaim. The video for opener “Love Sleeps” attracted 2000 hits in 24 hours on Youtube (see below). No small accolade for an artist who seems to have appeared out of nowhere; so what’s all the fuss about? Well, Wind Me Up … [Read more...]

Rachel Goodrich – s/t

Just because someone has had their music featured on a cable TV show, tinkered with by a Grammy-winning producer, and been written about in The New York Times doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worth your time, money, or Internet bandwidth.  Indeed, can’t we all reference at least one artist from the past decade who boasted imposing credentials and … [Read more...]

Careful – Oh, Light

Chances are slim that you would purchase the new disc by  Careful – aka polymath Eric Lindley – without first performing a little perfunctory research. In all likelihood though, your enjoyment of his sophomore LP will exponentially increase if you can disregard the nonplussing backstory. Say what you will, but there’s a certain level of … [Read more...]

William Hut – Silent Hum

The level of clarity and sincerity involved with William Hut’s compositions has always been remarkable. In an age where the vast majority of music is self-centered it is refreshing to hear such an empathetic artist. Gaining fame from his time with Norway sensation Poor Rich Ones, Hut latest solo release Silent Hum maintains his passionate optimism … [Read more...]

Ted Garber – American Rail

Singer-songwriter Ted Garber and his potent influences are displayed in bountiful amounts on the DC resident’s globally minded debut, American Rail. Growing up the son of a folk musician, and later taking up residency in New Orleans, the enriching culture of the Big Easy’s R&B scene made as much of an impression on Garber as the Latin and Bossa … [Read more...]

E-grand – s/t

One of my greatest pleasures as a music journalist is exposing modest, talented singer/songwriters (if only by a little bit). These are the underdogs of the music industry; they don’t try to wow us with musicianship and visual spectacle. Instead, they tell simple tales about the human condition with subtle melodies and appropriate production. … [Read more...]

Ben Rector – Into the Morning

With beautiful finesse involving both the piano and guitar, Ben Rector has established himself as a driving force for unsigned artists in the new decade. His latest album, Into the Morning, combines his jazzy pop piano rhythms from Songs That Duke Wrote and his melancholy songs from Twenty Tomorrow to create an exceptionally appealing album. Ben … [Read more...]