Annie Ellicott – Lonesome Goldmine

For the last five years Tulsa’s own Mark Kuykendall, musician, producer and filmmaker, has overseen a stream of consistently high quality and highly varied ambient/electronica releases on the delightfully below the radar Unknown Tone Records. The Oklahoma polymath’s recent meeting with adept jazz singer, Annie Ellicott, has led to something of a … [Read more...]

Simon Benegas – Feel It Grow EP

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the New York-based Simon Benegas will be kicking off his first North American tour this fall in support of his two indie-folk EPs, The Age of Simple and Feel It Grow.  While Benegas has already toured his native country, he is eager to showcase his engaging music around the world. Benegas attended the … [Read more...]

Sluka – Introversions

Sluka is the alias of one Christopher Sluka, a San Diego-based singer-songwriter (and visual artist) who has recorded 10 studio albums and amassed a devoted fanbase around the world.  Sluka released his latest album, Introversions, at the beginning of this year, but is currently following it up with a string of music videos; one for each of the … [Read more...]

Eric Anders – Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Eric Anders is a long-serving veteran, as evidenced by his musical history and recent compilation album Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders.  Twelve tracks from Anders’ five previous releases were remastered by Jeff Peters (The Beach Boys, Brian Setzer) for this collection.  Anders is an independent artist … [Read more...]

Bitter’s Kiss – Love Won’t Make You Cry EP

Chloe Baker is the young talent behind the moniker Bitter’s Kiss and she is supported by her father, Michael Baker, on various instruments and production.  The New Jersey-based duo released this debut EP, Love Won’t Make You Cry, mid-April after the success of lead single “No One Will”.  Baker’s fanbase continues to grow as she mines her suburban … [Read more...]

Ships Have Sailed – Whispers EP

L.A.-based indie-pop outfit Ships Have Sailed centers on Will Carpenter (guitar, vocals) and Dan Hange (bass).  They released the EP Someday in 2014, debut album Moodswings in 2015, and the Re:MIX EP which reconfigured songs off Moodswings into a more dance-friendly style.  Now Carpenter and Hange head off in the opposite direction with the low-key … [Read more...]

Interview with Wonky Tonk

Hello Wonky Tonk!  Wow, I love your wild moniker and you’re self-proclaimed 'punk cowgirl' spirit and image, but I don’t know if I should be addressing you as Wonky Tonk or your given name Jasmine Poole.  You have a fresh single out titled “Bulleit” which is actually a slower-paced, more introspective number for you – and it’s not off of your debut … [Read more...]

Wild Iris – self-titled

Kate Mullikin (vocals) and Bryan Shelton (guitar) of the amorphous folk duo Wild Iris hail from Santa Cruz, California and are set to release their self-titled debut on April 19th.  They got together musically in the fall of 2013 and delivered their home-recorded debut EP in 2014.  On this go-around, Wild Iris was crafted on analogue equipment at … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Pale Dian, Kylie Odetta, Wonky Tonk, & Luna Jamboree)

Pale Dian – “In A Day” …And Cocteau Twins is back!... Well, no, not really, but if you’re jonesing for a fix of that legendary band, check out Pale Dian, previously known as the Blackstone Rangers.  The dark pop shoegaze (or dream-pop noir, perhaps?) trio (Hey, more Cocteau Twins parallels!  Heck, they even look like early incarnations of Liz … [Read more...]

Guy Grogan – Dynamite Bouquet

Prolific DIY singer-songwriter Guy Grogan hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and he’s self-released and produced nine albums since he started his music career in 2010.  In that short time span he’s worked feverishly at his craft, sometimes releasing two albums in one year (like 2015’s Camouflage For Fire and Dandelion Give Away).  Grogan’s self-made … [Read more...]