Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Veteran Phil Lomac has been an essential part of several bands over the years and is equally at home in the reflective singer-songwriter mold and the dynamic rock ‘n’ roller.  Stints in bands like The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, and showcased his lead guitar and vocal prowess. He eventually started on the solo … [Read more...]

Ralegh Long – Upwards Of Summer

Despite receiving a high degree of critical acclaim from both national press and radio quarters for his debut album, the pastoral singer-songwriterly Hoverance, Ralegh Long experienced something of personal negative reaction. Worn down by the demands of 'the biz' he considered calling things a day. Upwards Of Summer is, then, an album that nearly … [Read more...]

Jordan Okrend – “Dance By the Riverside”

Asheville, North Carolina–based singer-songwriter Jordan Okrend goes by the moniker The Jordan Okrend Experience for his new album, Dance By The Riverside, which came out just last week. Okrend released his debut EP, Unpredictable, in 2010, and followed it up in 2012 with the Rising Up EP and a third EP, World Keeps Turnin’ in 2015.  He has been … [Read more...]

Eli Raybon – “30 Cents”

‘80s New Wave revivalist Eli Raybon is at the tail end of his teens but he’s already producing top-notch pop music and will release his latest EP Green on June 23rd.  Raybon has been praised by illustrious outlets like Vice and Paste and has also been featured at Buzzbands LA and Balcony TV. Musicians comprise a big part of Raybon’s family, … [Read more...]

Jody Cooper – “One”

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jody Cooper is a man of many talents and many countries.  Cooper grew up an as English boy in Scotland and went back to England to get a degree in music after spending several years as a working musician.  He released his first album, Ten A Penny, and proceeded to tour the UK and Europe. A foray with … [Read more...]

Interview with Jylda

Berlin-based singer-songwriter and producer Gianna Gehlhar completely captivates with her musical persona Jylda.  In her productions, she combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements. Her vocals constantly drift between extremes, from sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like on the one hand, and keen and metallic on the … [Read more...]

MesAlfie. – “Must See New York”

Rome-based singer-songwriter Alfredo Serafini records under the name MesAlfie..  He has had a successful career in his native Italy with his band Aleph, signing to divisions of Polygram and Sony for that band and his solo work. After record label complications left Serafini wary of the Italian music industry, he has decided to go back to the … [Read more...]

Shawna Virago – “Gender Armageddon”

Renowned folk-punk songwriter Shawna Virago dropped her latest album, Heaven Sent Delinquent, this past January via Tranimal Records and it’s filled with her trademark no-frills compositions. Virago’s storytelling songs are steeped in the need for escape from the restrictive rules and ignorant views of society in general.  Being transgender, … [Read more...]

Greg And The Granules – “No Words”

Singer-songwriter Greg Maechling, the frontman of Southern California psych-rock-meets-surf-pop band Particle Wave, is also known for his music project Greg And The Granules.  The group is comprised of Maechling (vocals, guitar), producer and instrumentalist Nick Luca (Iron & Wine, Calexico, Neko Case) on keyboards, and Joe Westerlund … [Read more...]

Camille Peruto – “Crooked Roads”

Philadelphia/South Jersey-based singer-songwriter Camille Peruto has one foot planted in the pop field and the other firmly ensconced in rock terrain.  She first took flight with her debut album Sparrow in 2013, which is sold out in physical form and is now only available at iTunes. Just last month Peruto returned with her second album, From The … [Read more...]