The Lovely Eggs – “Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It)” video

The Deviled Eggs… Ooh, er, sorry… The Lovely Eggs serves up a delicious demented dish, I mean, video, off the duo’s album Cob Dominos, which is out on U.K. label Cherryade Records as of January.  Holly and David have a crackin’ good time in the video as Holly sings with in-yer-face enthusiasm.  The song and video aren’t exactly subtle, but … [Read more...]

Interview with The Lovely Eggs

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hello Holly!  Hello David!  It is so lovely to be able to do this interview with you both, especially since you’re in the midst of a whirlwind tour of the U.S..  What’s it all been like?  Fun?  Nuts?  Eye-opening?  Maybe all of the above?  Have you visited the U.S. before as a band? The Lovely Eggs:  Yeah it's been … [Read more...]