Aarktica – In Sea

There are definite similarities between In Sea and the Vlor album which I reviewed here a week or two back. Similarities and some very pronounced differences, to a point where I feel almost obliged to make a comparison between both albums; they did after all arrive in the same package,  and while both CDs share inspirations and bookmarkings, the … [Read more...]

Vlor – Six Winged

Vlor appears to have evolved more than once over the preceding 17 years. Beginning in 1992 as a conventional band,  re-assembling as a duo in the late 90s,  and following on from 2006's reissue of that bands Sacred Places In The City Vlor has expanded into an online musicians collective, with Silber CEO and head Vlorist Brian John Mitchell rounding … [Read more...]

Hotel Hotel – The Sad Sea

The story as I received it: a year after the release of Allheroesareforeverbold, Austin post-rockers Hotel Hotel's debut record, the group's drummer and figurehead dropped out of sight. Disappeared. At an airport. Hasn't been heard from since... Damn. That'd botch anyone's plans. So, a while after, the remaining members are drinking at some … [Read more...]