Philip Polk Palmer – Here In The Deadlights

I nearly got this review very wrong. For about a week I had it filed as Here In The Headlights, a result of my basically not reading the title properly but also, I decided, a result of Philip Polk Palmer's own brand of wordplay tricking me into the sort of mistake I always think I'm too experienced to fall foul of. Everyone knows what headlights … [Read more...]

Origami Arktika – Absolut Gehor

It took me a minute or two to discover that the title of Origami Arktika's seven track album isn't a Norwegian phrase but a German one, translating as 'Absolute Hearing'. This is explicable by the fact that part of the Norwegian band's album was recorded at Einsturzende Neubaten's Berlin studio, in 2010, and if anyone is wondering why it has taken … [Read more...]

Carta – An Index Of Birds

I've listened to what is Carta's second album more than once now and it seems to reflect not my own mood, but that of my surroundings, whenever I play it. At a first hearing in February it seemed as bleakly austere, even as coldly impersonal as the drab grey late winter weather that I almost came to associate it with. Listening to the album now, … [Read more...]

Aarktica – In Sea Remixes

Last year's In Sea, the most recent full-length of Jon DeRosa's Aarktica project, was, at once, warmly familiar and curiously novel. Its tracks certainly exhibited the particular sound that DeRosa has been cultivating for years under the Aarktica banner, a three-way intersection of drone, ambient, and intimate bedroom pop, but its means were … [Read more...]

Remora – Derivative

"Derivative" isn't a label most artists would enjoy being attached to their work; as one would imagine, a quick Googling of some of the Web's more prominent album review sites demonstrates a notably negative correlation between use of the word and score. It isn't likely, then, that many musicians would claim ownership of the term, especially to the … [Read more...]

Northern Valentine & p d wilder – Untitled EP

Silber Records labelmates Robert Brown, of Philadelphia-based Northern Valentine, and p d wilder, of Texas-based Hotel Hotel, collaborated on this untitled, 6-song split EP released on the Gears Of Sand record label.  The all-instrumentals EP is a combination of solo compositions and live improvisations that Robert and p d recorded together while … [Read more...]