Yann Tiersen – Infinity

If there's one thing that will explain to the uninitiated who Yann Tiersen is, it's that he is the musician who provided the soundtrack for the 2001 French film Amelie one of the most internationally popular French films of the Millennial and which enticed many hipster film goers into their nearest multiplexes by way of Audrey Tatou's sassy urchin … [Read more...]

Jonsi – “Boy Lilikoi”

Jonsi, the angelic-voiced frontman of Icelandic band Sigur Ros, strikes out on his own with a solo album titled Go to be released in March. This first single off the album starts off gently with orchestral vibrations wafting in the background, a starry twinkle, and then light strum of guitar, followed by the emergence of music-box notes and a … [Read more...]

High Above The Storm – s/t

The debut album from British quartet High Above the Storm begins harmlessly enough, with magnetic synth tones that gradually give way to slightly more unsettling waveforms and simmering electronic textures. For a fleeting moment, it could even pass for one of the many pastoral moments on your favorite Brian Eno record. Yet it’s merely an exercise … [Read more...]

Jeniferever – Spring Tides

Uppsala, Sweden's Jeniferever methodically orchestrate layers of rich sound. The meticulous feel of their new album, Spring Tides, persists even when the music shifts through formidable layers of noise and sonic entropy. This album is a stirring blend of ambient and post-rock, with swaths of shoegaze and dream pop. Formed 1996, Jeniferever … [Read more...]