Audra Mae – Haunt EP

Has Audra Mae opened for Neko Case yet? If not, she should! This young Oklahoman possesses one of those hauntingly beautiful voices that could just about fit with any style of music, but finds a home in the midst of country noir/folk/Americana. The songs are simple affairs, but have all the soul and drama of the best their peers. Opening track … [Read more...]

Anti-Flag – The People or the Gun

The People or the Gun meets any expectations a music fan has for an Anti-Flag record. It's punchy, sometimes raw but mostly flavorsome punk rock. Anti-Flag sounds practiced, tight, and familiar, as most veteran punk bands should on their 7th studio album. There is little need to write with any depth about most of the songs because not a lot lot … [Read more...]

Fake Problems – It’s Great to Be Alive

If I were 18 again, this is the shit I'd be all over. That's not to say I'm not all over It's Great to Be Alive anyway, but I feel a bit "older sister digging on her kid brother's band" about the whole thing. Floridian Fake Problems apparently released a decent punk record as its debut. I wholly admit I missed it completely - they weren't even on … [Read more...]