Pulp – It, Freaks & Separations (2012 reissues)

Since belatedly finding fame on the back of 1994’s His ‘N’ Hers, Pulp founder Jarvis Cocker has often had an ambivalent and strained relationship with his recently reunited band’s early catalogue.  For Cocker, the hard slog of Pulp’s protracted formative phase against the backdrop of dole-stricken poverty, critical/commercial indifference, multiple … [Read more...]

Standard Fare – The Noyelle Beat

Sheffield’s Standard Fare write songs primarily about being loveless. “Let’s stay in touch /how can we stay in touch when you don’t talk?” “Global warming is getting my down /it’s making the sea between us wider and deeper,” hell, the chorus of “Philadelphia” is quite literally, “I’m gonna have to wait a year /to see you again /in Philadelphia.” … [Read more...]