MakeWar – self-titled

By reveling in sentimentality and shamelessly flirting with regret, MakeWar's breakup-inspired self-titled LP briefly finds the sound of resilience. The find is more than a happy accident  - MakeWar commits to making this moment. Second track - "Just Listen To The Songs" - petitions, "Listen to the songs when you get some time / The songs will … [Read more...]

Flying Machines – Self-Titled

The debut from buzz-band Flying Machines is now upon us. They’ve been featured on television commercials and shows, gained some popularity in the online music world, and now with their ten track self-titled debut, they hope to capture a much wider audience. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, these type of “indie rock/inspired by classic … [Read more...]

Detroit Rebellion – s/t

At first glance, Detroit Rebellion's debut album looks like an album from a street punk band from Detroit. The punk ideals are there with the rebellious mentality and the need to shed light on social injustice, but the aggressive sound of distorted guitars and fast beats isn't here: this is a one man acoustic show. Oh, yeah, he's from Providence, … [Read more...]