Justin Vellucci – Life Span of the Moth

Pigeonholing an album like Life Span of the Moth doesn’t come easily.  Assembled from scraps of looped percussion samples, spoken word meditations, bedroom folk, and post-rock atmospheres, this tenth album from San Diego-by-way-of-Pittsburgh songwriter Justin Vellucci conspires to fuse the brittle introspections of Bill Callahan or Leonard Cohen … [Read more...]

Alpine White – The Hale EP

It’s fairly appropriate to say that inspiration comes from anything and everything under the yellow sun. People use inspiration as the driving force behind some of the world’s richest arts: movies continue to delve into life’s wondrous possibilities, for example. And with that, musicians strive to create the music they were meant to create. San … [Read more...]

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library – Volume One

Like any other flourishing skill, many musicians believe that in order to improve and progress, practice can never hurt. For a few, this includes consistently releasing music in a timely manner: staying fresh and alert. For others, this includes immersing yourself in various projects where your talents remain attentive and invigorated. While … [Read more...]

Brian Vander Ark – Magazine

Based on the melancholy nature of his first three solo releases, Brian Vander Ark has been through enough already.  Resurrection, Angel, Put Your Face On, and his self-titled third album are all tremendous albums in their own right, but they also tended to be downcast in their content, with few moments of humor or fun thrown in.  His newest album, … [Read more...]

Mark Lesseraux – ee pea EP

Less than six months after he furnished an album with some of the most deliciously eclectic treatments of old T. Rex and Bruce Springsteen tunes, songwriter Mark Lesseraux returns with a succinct EP of original material.  Culled from paraphernalia that goes as far back as 2009, this five-track set largely sidesteps the acoustic debonair cool of Get … [Read more...]

Black Baptista – Thread the Needle

Anyone entrenched in the prog-rock leanings of anomalous guitar player Omar Rodriguez Lopez is also aware that the man is as antsy as he is ingenious.  For more than a decade now, the Mars Volta guitarist has been spinning out album after album of flabbergasting rock and roll, sometimes at a rate so expeditious that the releases themselves become … [Read more...]

The Sewing Circle – I Saw Stars

The support of success can definitely be some of the best chance to take. If past experiences have proven triumph then why not follow in the same path. For The Sewing Circle and their poppy rock affair of sounds the expedition of an album that reached a few good words caused them to take quick efforts in creating a follow-up, the dazed I Saw Stars. … [Read more...]

Morning River Band – Between the Ocean and the Blues

The last time we heard from the Morning River Band in the spring of 2010, they were assiduously plugging their debut EP of golden-hued Americana.  Fronted by multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Fields and buoyed by the ace performance of pedal steel guitarist Dennis Bonfiglio, the New Jersey quartet was long on charisma but lacking in development, with … [Read more...]

Ladies Auxiliary – My Side of the Mountain

Anyone even partially invested in the emo boom at the turn of the century is likely to recall onelinedrawing, the given handle for scene godfather Jonah Matranga’s acoustic rock solo project.  Armed with a 6-string, a decade’s worth of intensely personal songs and some programmed drum loops, Matranga’s output under the onelinedrawing alias was … [Read more...]

Jen Grygiel – s/t EP

Poets, philosophers, psychologists, and theologians have been writing about love since the dawn of time, but there’s something about its multi-faceted complexities that continues to intrigue us.  It would be fair to assume that without amour as a subject, the film and music industries would’ve collapsed ages ago.  Indeed, love – be it passion, … [Read more...]