Interview with Ian Button and Robert Rotifer of Gare du Nord Records

The most intriguingly varied of the new indie imprints, the collective-led Gare du Nord label offers an ebullient synthesis of sounds; from the Kinksesque vibe of Rotifer, the wide-eyed electro wonder of Deerful, via Ralegh Long’s esoteric singer-songwriting to the critically acclaimed early-‘70s stylings of Papernut Cambridge, among a wagon of … [Read more...]

Kerosene Stars – A Million Little Trees EP

With every review I write I become more and more conflicted with my ability to write them. Here’s why:  words cannot do what music does, and vice-versa.   Historically, I already know about these limitations. Henri Peyre warns, “Every critic and professor with any sense has warned readers and students twenty times over against the temptation of … [Read more...]

Interview with New Politicians

Heya Renal, Gian, Winston, and Chris!  It’s so cool to have this opportunity to ask you all a bunch of questions about your post-punk sound, new EP Drag A City, and how your musical future is shaping up.  How is everything going for you right now? Hey Jen, we’re excited for the opportunity as well. Everything is going well in our camp. We’ve … [Read more...]

Interview with Rykarda Parasol

Greetings, Rykarda!  I’m not sure where in the world you are at the moment, but I hope all is well with you.  It’s so good to be in touch with you again after first interviewing you in 2010 for this site.  Your latest album, the masterful, arresting, and personal Against The Sun, has an April 15th release date for Europe and possible distro in the … [Read more...]

Mortal Morning – 11-12 EP

In the early 1940s, French composer Pierre Schaeffer developed a revolutionary recording technique that would later become a staple of the electronic and hip hop genres. His experiments in sound collage, utilizing gramophone and proto tape recorders, preempted much later activity by everyone from Eno to Bambaataa. In this digital age, the … [Read more...]

Companion – Companion

In 1978, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour helped introduce the world to Kate Bush and her debut album, The Kick Inside. Since then, Bush has been revered by fans and critics for her influentially unique, bold, eccentric, and eclectic voice, songwriting, and production. So, why am I discussing her here? Because Pepi Ginsberg, lead vocalist for pop … [Read more...]

Rykarda Parasol – “I Know Where My Journey Will End” video

Rock-noir singer-songwriter Rykarda Parasol returns this April with her new album titled Against The Sun. “I Know Where My Journey Will End” will be featured on this album and it’s a subdued stunner with a dreamy video directed by M. Marzio to match.    The video simultaneously projects a haunting, vespertine ambience befitting the song and tempers … [Read more...]

Sleep Maps – Fiction Makes The Future

NYC-based Sleep Maps, the project of multi-instrumentalist Ben Kaplan, treads similar sonic territory as the band Deafheaven, but instead of strong screamo vocals, Sleep Maps peppers its songs with retro, radio or TV announcer spoken word clips, fluid guitar lines, and more varied tempos. Ben has fleshed out Sleep Maps into a full band for this … [Read more...]

Mark Lesseraux – Transmissions (2003-2012)

Every now and again, you happen upon an artist whose stellar output and formidable back catalog encourages reflections on why they're still working the underground circuit while acts like Coldplay and Carly Rae Jepsen are granted the privilege of infiltrating our daily lives with their paint-by-numbers pop.  Indeed, the capricious listening habits … [Read more...]

KingBathmat – Truth Button

Judging by the name KingBathmat, one might think that the music contained on the group’s newest LP, Truth Button, would be an inaccessible mess of eclectic madness. Luckily, the opposite is true; in fact, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard such a tightly arranged and melodically enjoyable collection. The album oozes with psychedelic style and … [Read more...]