The Royal Sea – s/t EP

Surfer Blood. Best Coast.  Wavves.  As is evidenced simply by their handles, these acts have all successfully aligned themselves with the halcyon aesthetics of the ocean, forever branded as lo-fi heirs to the Golden State paeans begun by the Beach Boys some 45 years ago.  Soaked in imagery of palm trees, sunshine, and shaka signs, the allure of … [Read more...]

Hey Marseilles – Elegy EP

It’s about time we heard something from Hey Marseilles, the Seattle chamber pop septet whose debut first dropped in December of 2008.  The band’s earnest orchestrations quickly became the toast of indie music’s glitterati, earning them coveted spots at CMJ, Bumbershoot, NPR, and even Starbucks.  To some, Hey Marseilles was merely a Decemberists … [Read more...]

Shabazz Palaces – Black Up

It’s no secret that a sense of swaggering narcissism is as closely linked to hip-hop music as maudlin introspection probably is to rock.  Whether or not that axiom holds any water in 2011 is up for debate, but so long as artists like Kanye West and Coldplay continue to make headway on the charts, bravado and earnestness respectively will remain the … [Read more...]

Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys

It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since Ben Gibbard and his Bellingham, WA compatriots released Narrow Stairs, the most unsettled and harrowing entry in the Death Cab for Cutie catalogue.  In that time, literary frontman Ben Gibbard quit his boozing ways and got hitched to Zooey Deschanel, a woman most self-aware indie hipster types … [Read more...]

Hey Marseilles – To Travels and Trunks

For a few years at the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, Seattle was the epicenter of a musical shakeup so remarkable that it eventually got tagged as the “Seattle Sound.”  Though it began as an unassuming indie movement, grunge eventually grew into a commercial giant (i.e. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains), thereby making … [Read more...]

Golden Triangle – Double Jointer

There's something unusual about Golden Triangle's mix of influences. It's lo-fi, but it's not. It's 60s girl-group rock, but not quite. It's got some of the "wall of sound" flavor to it without ever getting the amps to 11. Jesus & Mary Chain? Clinic? New Pornographers? If it sounds like retro rock, it may have to do with the faraway vocals … [Read more...]

Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity release albums

SEATTLE, WA-BASED GARY REYNOLDS AND THE BRIDES OF OBSCURITY BEGIN TO RELEASE A SONG A WEEK AND A FULL-LENGTH ALBUM A MONTH FOR ALL OF 2010 Seattle, Washington-based Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity, fronted by Electrokitty Studios owner, engineer, and producer Gary Reynolds (vocals, guitar, piano), will release a song a week, every … [Read more...]

Kids And Animals – “Car Running”

Okay everyone, if you haven't already, get that ridiculous Seattle stereotype out of your head. Alright, now we can proceed. Kids And Animals are from, you guessed it, Seattle. The track "Car Running" is off of their debut self-titled EP. According to their Myspace page the CD is individually spray painted, stamped and burned by the band … [Read more...]

New Album and Tour from The Lonely H

Seattle, Washington's own The Lonely H is now a quintet.  The new member, Casey Frasier, will handle guitar and keyboard duties, allowing front man Mark Fredson to solely sing.  The band is rounded out by Brothers Whitman - Eric Whitman (guitar) and Johnny Whitman (bass) - and drummer Ben Eyestone. The Lonely H have released a video for their … [Read more...]

Helvetia – Helvetia’s Junk Shop

Named after the homeland of lead-everything Jason Albertini, Helvetia is a veteran indie band which has previously cranked out three records and has extensively toured with (and extensively name-dropped) Built to Spill. There have been an almost exhaustive amount of parallels drawn between this group and Built to Spill, and from what I’ve gathered, … [Read more...]