Drudkh – Eternal Turn of the Wheel

Ukraine's Drudkh have always managed to merge just enough atmosphere, mood, aggression and melody into their well-crafted, lengthy songs.  For 2012, Drudkh offer up Eternal Turn of the Wheel on Season of Mist.  I was a pretty big fan of 2009's Microcosmos, but missed the boat on the mixed reviewed Handful of Stars.  On their ninth full length it … [Read more...]

Thy Catafalque – Rengeteg

So it seems that the new year will begin much like it ended; reviewing albums crafted by a one man band.  Thy Catafalque are an avant-garde metal band that hail from Hungary.  The year 2011AD brought the release of their fifth full length album Rengeteg on Season of Mist records.  Let’s see what mastermind and sole member, Tamas Katai has in store … [Read more...]

Arckanum – Helvitismyrkr

Let us get our chaos magic grimoires primed to take a headlong plunge into a completely foreign realm.  Welcome to the world of Sweden’s own Arckanum, with their new album Helvitsmyrkr on Season of Mist Records.  Founder and sole member, Shamaatae, who is also a practicing Chaos-Gnostic and the author of 3 books that range from Chaos-Gnosticism, … [Read more...]