Giant Sand – Backyard Barbeque Broadcast, Cover Magazine & Is All Over The Map (reissues)

With still a slew of solo albums and off-shoot releases waiting in the wings for resurrection, Fire Records’ dedicated Howe Gelb reissue mission finally reaches the last three ‘official’ Giant Sand albums needing to be brought back into the world.  After the standalone-to-savour re-release of 2000’s seminal Chore Of Enchantment a month or two ago, … [Read more...]

FAO#30: 16 Horsepower, The Raincoats & Teenage Fanclub

With seemingly as many new records hitting music store shelves as reissue or retrospective produce in recent times, keeping up with both streams of relentless output can be pretty damn exhausting for completionist connoisseurs with diverse tastes.  There’s simply no breather from it all anymore, particularly in this year’s post-summer release … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #15

This column was originally conceived as a convenient means to cross-examine short-form releases that didn't quite require lengthy prose.  Since then though, such a remit has been self-corrupted by a necessity to round-up an overflow of new and archival wares, often thematically, before they pass through this writer's over-roving ears.  But this … [Read more...]