Icarus Himself – Mexico EP

Lofty hopes and high aspirations are the combination for anyone that wants to succeed in anything, even remotely. Even the most laid-back of people want to be noticed and praised for great works, no matter how lackadaisical in appearance they may act. And yes, that even includes Icarus Himself’s Nick Whetro and his modestly humble music. Always … [Read more...]

His & Her Vanities – The Mighty Lunge

His & Her Vanities are doing their damnedest to revive a revival. They aren't failing, either. I reckon we're far enough removed--barely--from the recent post-punk/garage rock exhumation to see copycat bands floating in its ever-abating wake. Make no mistake about H&HV, however; though their self-titled 2002 record and follow-up, 2004's … [Read more...]

Icarus Himself – Coffins

Creating a snarky, ironic and sometimes rather noisy set of music, Icarus Himself is the project of Nick Whetro, with the help of Karl Christenson. A playful side of life, sliced in a crisp half-hour, Coffins is an even-tempered, jovial, rollicking affair. And although each song may recall one of Whetro's great indie rock bands, its cohesive … [Read more...]

Pale Young Gentlemen- “Paper Planes”

The Clash's "Straight From Hell" contains the same opening riffs from M.I.A.'s smash single, "Paper Planes." This connection, rather than an affinity for M.I.A., sparked the Pale Young Gentlemen's deconstructed, chamber pop cover of the hit song.  Lead singer Mike Reisenauer's tentative warble singing about being a "bonafide hustler" may seem a bit … [Read more...]