New Music Spotlight #2

All India Radio – Red Shadow Landing  Martin Kennedy, the creative, Australian maestro/spaceman behind long-running project All India Radio, touched down with Red Shadow Landing in October.  Martin is joined by Mark Wendt on bass, Kaz Seiger on keyboards, and Michael Evans-Barker on drums and percussion.  Like its predecessors, this album is a … [Read more...]

Q&A with Emma Ruth Rundle of Marriages

Hello Emma Ruth!  I’m so stoked to be doing this interview with you and finding out more about your latest band Marriages.  From what I understand, this is the second band that you, Dave Clifford, and Greg Burns have been in together, the first one being post-rock outfit Red Sparowes.  Emma Ruth, you also recently formed the band The Nocturnes with … [Read more...]

Fang Island debut album set for February 2010

Fang Island's self-titled debut album will be released February 23rd, 2010 via Sargent House. Fang Island is guitarist Jason Bartell, bassist Philip Curcuru, guitarist Chris Georges, guitarist Nicholas Andrew Sadler, and drummer Marc St. Sauveur. They all share collective group vocal harmonies and the occasional hand claps. While Sadler is also … [Read more...]

Good Old War, Cast Spells release split EP

The tremendous intra-band camaraderie of the Sargent House roster continues as Good Old War and Cast Spells release a split EP together and tour sharing band members in December. Good Old War will serve as the backing band to Dave Davison's solo outfit Cast Spells on these dates. In support of this tour, Sargent House will release a 4-song EP … [Read more...]