Lemonade – Diver

It seems that the farther removed we are from the 1980s, the more palpable its influences become.  It’s a notion I’ve been entertaining frequently these past six months, as new releases from Neon Indian, Sleigh Bells, and Frankie Rose have unapologetically tapped into a sonic reservoir teeming with references to the Human League and John Hughes … [Read more...]

Ceremony – Zoo

Anytime a band deliberately moves to put a shine on its irreverent, sweat-soaked image, there will inevitably be a critical flogging doled out by the group’s most ardent supporters.  Indeed, claims of “phoning it in” and “selling out” are prevalent in these circumstances.  It’s difficult to imagine a fiery hardcore act like San Francisco’s Ceremony … [Read more...]

The Stone Foxes – “Psycho” b/w “Serious People”

The Stone Foxes have apparently opened for the Black Keys before, which doesn't surprise me in the least. The San Francisco band take many of the same cues as the Keys did early on - fuzzed out blues rock, gritty garage reverb, and plenty of 70's inspiration - and whirl them into an impressive two track release. I recall being floored by my first … [Read more...]

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The success story of a band like Girls seems improbable and yet somehow pedestrian in 2011.  The banality of the situation is obvious – two dudes united by a slacker aesthetic, recreational drugs, and a love of music actuated by said drugs dole out lo-fi stoner rock rife with both psychedelic approbations and self-deprecation.  This sort of music – … [Read more...]