Friends of DOA – Best of 2011

Damon Krukowski (Damon & Naomi): The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions My favorite release of 2011 was meant to have been released in 1967.  The Beach Boys' SMiLE is completely mad, and a delight to listen to in this new semi-coherent form. I didn't spring for the monster box set, with the 3D artwork and all the additional outtakes (which I'm … [Read more...]

Last Harbour – Lights

Given their involvement in other musical operations (brave timbers, Anna Kashfi, Samson & Delilah), demanding day-jobs (including running Little Red Rabbit Records) and geographical dispersal, it’s somewhat remarkable that the members of Last Harbour continue to be so prolific and committed over ten years down the line.  It’s also gratifying … [Read more...]

FAO#23: Little Red Rabbit Records (Lazarus Clamp, Anna Kashfi & Last Harbour)

At a time when many record labels are folding, restructuring or simply losing the plot in the unforgiving digital age, it’s relieving and comforting to find a relatively new one that is steadily expanding, broadening horizons and - most crucially of all - delivering never-less-than-interesting or lovingly-packaged musical artefacts.  Since its … [Read more...]