Kanye West – Yeezus

Six albums ago, many people were justly excited to champion Kanye West as one of the greatest musicians/artists this world was going to see. With songs like “Jesus Walks” and “Slow Jamz,” his debut, The College Dropout, merited a fair amount of attention and accolades. But many of these enthusiasts were made out to seem just as delusional as the … [Read more...]

Q&A with Teen Daze

Hello Jamison!  It’s so wonderful to get the chance to connect with you over your blissfully euphoric album All Of Us, Together.  Your latest release is the melancholic and introspective The Inner Mansions, but what first caught my ear was the tune “Treten” from All Of Us, Together. Your sound has morphed from when you first started out.  Early … [Read more...]

Q&A with Daughn Gibson

Heya Daughn!  It’s really cool to get the chance to ask you a few Qs about your debut album, All Hell, and your distinctive vocals and sound.  Your voice literally stopped me in my tracks when I heard you over the loudspeakers in a record store.  I had to find out more about you ASAP.  You released your debut on White Denim in April of this year, … [Read more...]

Panda Bear – Tomboy

At this point in his career, Noah Lennox could release an album of sampled panda mating sounds, and it’s a fair bet that we’d still be fawning over each leaked track and waiting in breathless anticipation for the completed work.  Ever since the title track from Tomboy made its vinyl and digital debuts last July, it seems that just about any indie … [Read more...]

Epstein – When Man is Full He Falls Asleep

The story of how Roberto Carlos Lange came to be Epstein is a rather easy one to detail. He started off making music and was influenced by otherworldly sounds on one side and by hip-hop masterminds on the other. Similarly, he began a side project as a duo and was still, on his own, putting out albums under this Epstein moniker. And while he ate up … [Read more...]

The Bran Flakes – I Have Hands

  On the heels of Girl Talk's success, a band like The Bran Flakes stands every good chance of being taken more seriously. If you look into it, the band has been at it for more than a decade, so maybe it's time that it gets some recognition for its stick-to-it-iveness.   The samples-only Bran Flakes puts 30 tracks on I Have Hands, and … [Read more...]