The Rural Alberta Advantage – Departing

For Toronto-based band The Rural Alberta Advantage, music has always been a work in progress. Perhaps it’s been something that they’ve worked through – starting off humbly and being selected as one of eMusic’s top rising bands before signing to Saddle Creek in 2009. The trio that consists of singer Nils Edenloff and musicians Amy Cole and Paul … [Read more...]

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns

Talk about a whirl of hype. Many people have been listening to The Rural Alberta Advantage for a good year now. Whether that was through legal or illegal means is another topic all on its own; their debut album, Hometowns, was self-released a year ago. For many artists that follow this path (see: The Antlers), they sign with a label and a re-issue … [Read more...]

Beep Beep – Enchanted Islands

What is the difference between a difficult album, and one that grows on you after repeated listens? The latter phrase seems to come out of my mouth pretty frequently, and I wonder how much my words really extend another’s patience.  Let’s face it, repeated listens require certain circumstances -- artists you already like, an album that comes highly … [Read more...]