Bernard Butler as Trans releases EP on Rough Trade

As Rough Trade so succinctly puts it: "TRANS ‘Trans Red’ is the first of a series of EPs released through Rough Trade digitally and on limited edition 12” vinyl. TRANS is Bernard Butler, Jackie McKeown, Igor Volk, and Paul Birchers. TRACK LISTING: Rock Steady Jubilee Building No. 8 Dancing Shoes AN IMPROVISED GROUP 355 first idea … [Read more...]

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory – Elements of Light

Although the electronic circumference covered on 2010’s Black Noise was an exceptional bridge of techno and to some degree, dance music, the symphonic harmony Pantha du Prince’s Hendrik Weber reached on 2007’s This Bliss still resonates strongly within the electronic producer’s catalog. Perhaps more all-encompassing, Black Noise showcased a vast … [Read more...]

Dylan LeBlanc – Cast The Same Old Shadow

The Southern United States is known for a few things. Consistently, there are stereotypes of banjos, sweltering heights of humidity, and a deeply rigid Bluegrass Country music history. And unabashedly so, the population of this territory is willing to accept its pedigree, but for some this stereotype is a bit skewed. For the calm and expressive … [Read more...]


Staying the course, Berkeley, California's POP ETC stays true to their name by showing their true synth pop colors on their new self-titled album, which was released on June 12th on Rough Trade Records. Bright and playful melodies dapple the canvas as they demonstrate their flare on popular electronica. This trio is made up of members of former … [Read more...]

Friends of DOA – Best of 2011

Damon Krukowski (Damon & Naomi): The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions My favorite release of 2011 was meant to have been released in 1967.  The Beach Boys' SMiLE is completely mad, and a delight to listen to in this new semi-coherent form. I didn't spring for the monster box set, with the 3D artwork and all the additional outtakes (which I'm … [Read more...]

Pantha Du Prince – XI Versions of Black Noise

When listening to the kind of music Pantha Du Prince is known for – ornate, orchestral, lush – the sheer strength of the compositions, alone, can blow you away. If you travel back to his second, beautiful album, This Bliss, one would be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate title. Affluent with disciplined layers of sounds and tones that all … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Fraser – Moses EP

You’ll feel good buying Moses, primarily because it’s always nice to support people like Elizabeth Fraser in the twilight of their career, and secondly, all the proceeds go to the family of the late (and great) Jake Drake-Brockman, a close collaborator to the seminal Echo and the Bunnymen. The EP is essentially the song “Moses” with a couple … [Read more...]

Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise

There are moments of clarity, where everything coalesces into one sublime moment of understanding. This understanding, this realization or epiphany, so to say, always comes with a heavy amount of preparation. And it’s hardly unusual for a moment of such profound activity to naturally come out of nowhere – not unless, it’s the work of some sort of … [Read more...]

Piano Magic play Live!

Piano Magic will be playing live at the Rough Trade East shop, London on Monday 12th October to mark the release of their 10th album, 'Ovations,' that very same day. The show starts at 7pm on the dot and it's a short set of 30 minutes only so don't be late! DON'T FORGET TO PURCHASE THE NEW ALBUM OVATIONS ON THE DAY OF THE IN-STORE AT ROUGH … [Read more...]

Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light Years

The thing about Super Furry Animals is that they simply do not put out bad albums. In many ways, the Welsh rock band has cemented themselves as some of the finest set of musicians currently making music. The level of quality, at a remarkably consistent pace, that all of their releases are cared for is exceptional. And honestly, very few other bands … [Read more...]