Sleaford Mods – English Tapas

For those expecting this latest and hotly-anticipated Sleaford Mods long-player to angrily amplify and directly document the turmoil of Brexit-fevered Britain will be somewhat disappointed.  However, although Sleaford Mods have always been close to the pulse of latter-day socio-political churning, Jason Williamson (vocals) and Andrew Fearn (music) … [Read more...]

Sleaford Mods – T.C.R. EP

Whilst Nottingham’s Sleaford Mods might appear on the surface to just be one angry man ranting through the cracks in broken Britain, with rudimentary backing from his gawky taciturn sampler-toting mate, there’s far more to Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearns than initially meets the ear and the eye.  Put aside the austerity-frazzled … [Read more...]

Jennylee – Right On!

Having only released two LPs, an EP and a cluster of singles since 2004 hardly marks out Warpaint as prolific.  With album number three stuck in the works it’s a wonder that the four respective band members can muster enough creative energy and/or spare material to divert into side-projects.  Yet, it’s not stopped drummer Stella Mozgawa … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts – Manhattan

Although this is his first proper LP on Rough Trade Records since 2011’s overlooked A Turn In The Dream-Songs, Jeffrey Lewis has been far from idle; continuing his interlinked career as a cartoonist, collaborating with ex-Holy Modal Rounders ringleader Peter Stampfel, cutting a standalone single in tribute to the political travails of Pussy Riot, … [Read more...]

Emilíana Torrini – Tookah

Tookah follows 2008’s critically acclaimed Me And Armini. Emilíana Torrini has had a varied career in pop for more than a decade. She was once a member of the 90s indie art band Gus-Gus , she wrote Kylie Minogue's hit "Slow" and in the credits of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers you can hear her "Gollum's Song". It’s this sort of varied and … [Read more...]

Record Store Day 2013: In Review

Almost like Christmas, the experience of Record Store Day largely depends on your location and the company you keep.  Whether you jostled with Brick Lane hipsters outside Rough Trade East, trekked to a Leeds industrial estate for the inaugural addition of the affable Norman Records to the scheme, enjoyed the glowing community spirit in the … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#32 (Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on The Voice Of America)

Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on… Cabaret Voltaire’s The Voice Of America (Rough Trade Records, 1980) This is not a pretty record. Released in 1980 it generally gets regarded as ‘post-punk industrial’ – for good reason too.  Recorded at the band’s own studio, Western Works, housed in a disused Victorian industrial building in a forgotten … [Read more...]

FAO#31: Mark Fry / The A. Lords, Meg Baird, Jeffrey Lewis and Savaging Spires

Although much is made of the egalitarianism and creative freedom bequeathed on the musical landscape by punk, it could be argued that folk music has been much more liberating and far-reaching for artists the world above. Whether it comes from its timeless flexibility or the crude fact that electricity isn’t always required to sow the initial … [Read more...]

FAO#30: 16 Horsepower, The Raincoats & Teenage Fanclub

With seemingly as many new records hitting music store shelves as reissue or retrospective produce in recent times, keeping up with both streams of relentless output can be pretty damn exhausting for completionist connoisseurs with diverse tastes.  There’s simply no breather from it all anymore, particularly in this year’s post-summer release … [Read more...]

The Decemberists – January Hymn b/w Row Jimmy 7″

Although 2010 was a strong year for music, undoubtedly there were just too many albums released.  So much so that – for this writer at least – the joy of the new often came more in lower doses.  The forever-rejuvenating world of seven-inch singles consequently brought some of the biggest small pleasures to these ears.  Hence the likes of Laura … [Read more...]