Wild Beasts – Two Dancers

These days, it's so rarely that I’m surprised by music that when I do get surprised, my first reaction is skepticism. Pushed hard to me on eMusic, the first music I heard from Wild Beasts was in the form of short samples, with some chiming guitars, slinky beats, and falsetto outbursts, and it just sounded both musically banal and like an attention … [Read more...]

Interview with Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray’s new album, Lights Out Zoltar!, is out now in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Bronzerat Records and has a release date of September 7, 2009 for the U.K. and October 27 in the U.S.. Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Gemma!  You’ve posted 3 songs off of Lights Out Zoltar! at your MySpace site at http://www.myspace.com/gemmaraymusic.  How … [Read more...]