Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot – Live From The Planet

It's at least a quarter of a century since the Stray Cats very firmly put Rockabilly back onto the musical map. Without ever seeming notably nostalgic, retro obsessed or even ironic, the Stray Cats took music of what was then three decades previous and gave it a verging on New Wave makeover, sounding authentically true to their inspirations and as … [Read more...]

She’s Hit – Pleasure

I was reading the Wikipedia biography of Hasil Adkins last week, and if you've never heard of the man who was one of West Virginia's greatest cowpunk exponents, there are good and bad news items to digest. The bad news is that Hasil Adkins died in 2005. The good news is that, while bands like She's Hit are producing psyched up … [Read more...]

The Black- Sun in the Day Moon at Night

Where have I heard The Black before? Oh yeah, the 50s and 60s! The Black draw heavily from the rockabilly of Elvis and the Americana of The Byrds and Bob Dylan. The Black elude the sunshine pop of the 60s which is so prevalent throughout pop music, so when they do a rockabilly jam, it really does sound nostalgic. And that's the tagline for this … [Read more...]

Toy Soldiers – Whisper Down the Lane

There’s something to be said for music that’s been assembled in a slapdash manner.  After all, most of this country’s oldest genres have always kept spontaneity and improvisation at the core of their mission.  Indeed, much of the blunt emotional force and raw air to be found in blues, jazz, and country would be lost if blueprints had been drawn up … [Read more...]

Dan Sartain – Lives

If Buddy Holly had been accidentally cryogenically frozen, Futurama style, on February 2nd 1959, and if he had been defrosted circa present day, and if he watched cable news for a day, this is the album he would make. Lives is a compelling collection of paranoia and peccadillo that sounds both nostalgically retro and immediately relevant. The first … [Read more...]

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie: Reinterpreting Black Flag EP

To put it lightly, Black Flag’s stock hasn’t exactly risen over the past three decades. Years of internal squabbling, eyebrow-raising career moves and disappointing pretension, the band, (and more specifically, Henry Rollins) has now found themselves in Guns n Roses territory, maligned more for their loss of relevancy than their musical … [Read more...]

The Von Ehrics – Loaded

The Von Ehrics rock it country style on their new LP, Loaded. These Dallas roughnecks are damn near punkabilly. The album is a fun romp—the 10 songs are full of familiar novelties made for those who like lots of sugar in their coffee. Country influences abound in indie rock today, from the Great Lake Swimmers to the Drive-By Truckers. The Von … [Read more...]