Glassmaps – Strangely Addicted

Joel Stein, lead guitarist of Australian indie-rockers Howling Bells, demonstrates a keen ear for melody on his solo album, Strangely Addicted. Under the band name Glassmaps, Stein, with help from Howling Bells drummer Glenn Moule, debuts with ten tracks of infectious, understated pop-rock songs. The album offers sonic variety, all unified by … [Read more...]

Excommunion – Thronosis

A controlled malevolence stirs in Thronosis, this successful mini-album from Excommunion. This American three-piece band plays death metal laced with hairs of thrash and black metal. The songs are not just double-bass drumming with a couple of guitar players firing on the low string. The tempo changes patiently, the root varies, and scale notes put … [Read more...]

Camille Peruto – “Crooked Roads”

Philadelphia/South Jersey-based singer-songwriter Camille Peruto has one foot planted in the pop field and the other firmly ensconced in rock terrain.  She first took flight with her debut album Sparrow in 2013, which is sold out in physical form and is now only available at iTunes. Just last month Peruto returned with her second album, From The … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Everlost US, The Grand Undoing & Tumbler)

Everlost US – “I’m Doing My Best” Everlost US is the musical project of the Orlando, Florida-based Jared Kay and his one-man-band approach sounds more like a scorchin’ five-member group than that of a solo musician.  Kay played in several bands before deciding to blaze a trail on his own, releasing a debut EP in 2014.  He recently released his … [Read more...]

The Virginmarys – Divides

Expectations for Divides were high following the successes of The Virginmarys' 2013 debut King Of Conflict. The album enjoyed coverage from several large media publications including the likes of Rolling Stone. Right from the opening track here, “Push the Pedal”, it is clear that any doubts or concerns that may have been lingering are severely … [Read more...]

Driftwood Bones – s/t EP

For about a year before Driftwood Bones released their self-titled debut, they steadily built a buzz in the Midwestern music scene, touring Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa to increasingly enthusiastic audiences. Exuberant, genre-bending live performances and an increasingly prolific catalog of songs stimulated anticipation for a studio work. This … [Read more...]

Various Artists – A Colorful Christmas

Azar Dagher, the head of Maryland-based Fetal Records, is releasing a 21-song-long Christmas and winter-themed compilation album entitled A Colorful Christmas that challenges and changes the expectations of what a 'various artists' Christmas album is all about.  The album features the record label’s artists performing original songs and covers … [Read more...]

VLY – I / (Time)

I / (Time) is the debut album by a diverse collective spread across the Atlantic Ocean. I hear spacious arrangements; I hear solid musicianship; I hear off-kilter chord progressions; but mostly I hear a band for which I am obviously not the audience. The members of VLY have long, anonymous résumés and also belong to outfits that include the … [Read more...]

New Electric Parlor album

Los Angeles-based rock 'n' roll band ELECTRIC PARLOR (Monique Alvarez - vocals, Kris Farr - guitars, Josh Fell - bass, and Zachary Huling - drums) takes pride in creating music that has an honest, raw, and live feel to it that's relatable to music fans all over the world.  The band members are inspired by the past and the lessons they have learned … [Read more...]

New album from The Unravelling

The Unravelling’s blend of industrial and hard rock reflects the infectious intensity of its creators.  The band were acclaimed for their debut 13 Arcane Hymns until lead vocalist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. He was forced to spend the next year and a half in surgery and recovery, thus sending his collaborative partnership with … [Read more...]