DownTown Mystic – “Dead End Space”

Hailing from the Garden State (that would be New Jersey) which has produced greats like Bruce Springsteen, Robert Allen flourishes under the moniker of DownTown Mystic.  His traditional rock ‘n’ roll and Americana songs emanate Tom Petty and The Boss-like vibes, while also radiating a bit of classic British rock at times. DownTown Mystic entered … [Read more...]

Billy Crain – “Family Matters”

Influential, respected, and socially responsible rock ‘n’ roll icon Billy Crain is a veteran of the Southern rock music scene, having played with the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, and The Outlaws among a long list of other artists.  He and his brother Tommy have opened for legendary bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and The Rolling … [Read more...]

New Electric Parlor album

Los Angeles-based rock 'n' roll band ELECTRIC PARLOR (Monique Alvarez - vocals, Kris Farr - guitars, Josh Fell - bass, and Zachary Huling - drums) takes pride in creating music that has an honest, raw, and live feel to it that's relatable to music fans all over the world.  The band members are inspired by the past and the lessons they have learned … [Read more...]

New Single from DownTown Mystic

DownTown Mystic started as the alter ego of Sha-La Music President, Robert Allen, then changed into a group project where Robert joined forces with a stellar cast of musicians (including members of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and Paul McCartney & Wings).  DownTown Mystic's music is rooted in all the great traditions of American … [Read more...]

We Killed Vegas – Knock it Off EP

Rompin' stompin', rock-fistin' rock 'n roll. That's what Virginia's We Killed Vegas is all about. Their sound is catching on in the Southwestern Virginia region, due heavily to its familiarity. Crusty Camaro drivers will lament "nobody plays rock 'n roll anymore," and We Killed Vegas promptly enter with Knock it Off. Comparisons to AC/DC are too … [Read more...]

The Duke Spirit – “Everybody’s Under Your Spell”

As a teaser for their new Kusama EP, to be released in the UK on January 31st, The Duke Spirit (Liela Moss, vocals; Luke Ford, guitar; Toby Butler, guitar; Olly Betts, drums and percussion and Marc Sallis, bass guitar) released this little gem over the ‘net back in 2010. After the all-out rock 'n' roll of their last full-length release, Neptune, … [Read more...]

The Workhorse III – Workhorse III

The Workhorse III are here to remind you of real rock n’ roll and what it used to bring to the table. There are moments where I find myself thinking of about fifteen types of rock it reminds me of, but am unable to pin it down because they’ve already moved on to the next rollicking riff. "Let it Begin" opens the album with good energy, prompting … [Read more...]

Leatherbag – Hey Day

Rock n' roll is an idea as much as it is a sound. But rock n' roll personified to its audience is already well established. It's the idea of being free, having fun, and playing by your own rules. That idea in music, beyond standardized party music, is largely retired. Radiohead is arguably carrying the flag of the current generation's incarnation … [Read more...]

The Pinx – “Impatience”

With musical influences like The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, and The Who, it’s not surprising that The Pinx knows how to rock, both on stage and in its music. The band's latest album Look What You Made Me Do takes off with the single “Impatience.” The three man band, Joseph Giddings, Jim O'Kane, and Adam McIntyre from Atlanta, Georgia jam out on … [Read more...]

Night Horse – “Choose your side”

So, you wanna rock out to some modern classic rock music in a cowboy hat? Download some Night Horse into your ipod. This Los Angeles based five-piece band includes a delectable guitar duo, some diehard drums, bashing bass, and a ferocious vocalist. With that in mind, you can only imagine what their rock music sounds like. Indians or Cowboys? … [Read more...]