Guided By Voices – Cool Planet

Having used more mid-fi tailoring for the well-measured Motivational Jumpsuit, released only a matter of months ago, Guided By Voices return rapidly with a second LP for 2014, which keeps the now solidly established reunion rolling on, albeit via more lateral routes. With ‘classic-era’ line-up drummer Kevin Fennell having left somewhat … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Motivational Jumpsuit

Although Robert Pollard slipped on his pledge to put out three albums a year with the reassembled Guided By Voices - by only releasing one LP with the group in 2013 - it’s perhaps been a good thing.  After the appearance of English Little League in the first half of last year, there was a need for the reassembled posse to slow down and refocus, to … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – English Little League

With 2012’s trilogy of LPs from the reformed ‘classic-era’ Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard undoubtedly exceeded expectations for the band’s recording comeback.  The challenge for 2013 is to prove that the GBV reunion is no fleeting detour from his other projects but a living, breathing and ongoing entity.  Pollard has also set the productivity bar … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – The Bears For Lunch

With the delivery of two new albums and a slew of tie-in singles so far this year, the reunification of the classic Guided By Voices line-up has already proved itself as far more than just a cash-grab from sentimental indie-rock fans of a certain vintage.  Thus, with reunion record number three the modest objective is just to keep up the momentum … [Read more...]

Fire Records lets loose another three Robert Pollard releases for 2012

Not content with consummating his new relationship with Fire Records with two creditable classic line-up Guided By Voices reunion albums (Let's Go Eat The Factory and Class Clown Spots A UFO) and a low-key yet likeable solo album (Mouseman Cloud) already in 2012, Robert Pollard returns for the latter end of the year with no less than more three … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO

Having quickly rediscovered Robert Pollard’s artistic mojo and democratic credentials through the likeable and inventive Let’s Go Eat The Factory LP earlier this year, the reformed early-‘90s line-up of Guided By Voices returns rapidly to keep the creative camaraderie momentum rolling.  And roll Class Clown Spots A UFO certainly does.  Whereas its … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory

Even though 2004’s dissolution of Guided By Voices had the marks of finality to it - especially with commander-in-chief Robert Pollard’s subsequent ceaseless productivity as a solo artist and a multiple side-project dabbler suggesting that he no longer needed the GBV funnel to channel his relentlessly flooding songwriting – there was still some … [Read more...]