Artists-On-Albums: AOA#3 (Chad Taylor on Science Fiction)

Chad Taylor (Chicago Underground Duo) on… Ornette Coleman’s Science Fiction (Columbia Records, 1971) When people ask me what sort of music I play, I normally cringe. If I answer "I play my music," I normally get a funny look.  If I say "I play free jazz," I get a funny look as well.  So I usually say, "Oh I play a little bit of … [Read more...]

Chicago Underground Duo – Boca Negra

Although Thrill Jockey’s roster has been radically reshuffled and expanded of late to suck in and publish the wares of a newer promising generation of artistic adventurers - such as High Places, Mountains, The Fiery Furnaces and Thank You - it still falls to the remaining incumbent old-guard signees to sustain the freewheeling character of the … [Read more...]