Lana Del Rey – “Video Games” video

Now-ubiquitous YouTube sensation Lana Del Rey, who hasn’t even released a debut album yet, is shooting to fame based on the strength of the video for her song “Video Games”.  The self-made video, which has over 6 million-and-counting views on YouTube, features lots of close-ups of Lana intercut with California-centric found footage and faded home … [Read more...]

The Marches – “Big City” Music Video

Life and times in the City of Angels have always figured prominently in the music of Richard Conti and his band The Marches.  From the film noir atmospheres of their debut record 4 a.m. Is the New Midnight to their elegiac piano ballad "Big City" - featured on last summer's Director of Photography EP - Los Angeles has played a crucial element in … [Read more...]

Solaram – Love & The Sweet Divine

Branching out as a solo artist under the band name Solaram, Joe Tagg writes songs that hearken back to the days of psychedelia a la Brian Jonestown Massacre and like-minded outfits. The album Love & The Sweet Divine has an easygoing vibe to it, with plenty of sustained organ and acoustic guitar and tambourine, but it does occasionally break … [Read more...]

Black Lips-200 Million Thousand

Every band has a standard by which it creates and, in some cases, destroy itself musically. Then there is Black Lips, which seem to have no idea what or where the standard is. This band has drawn a line between itself and, well, everybody else. Black Lips have an innate ability to create a mess album after album. The group's newest record, 200 … [Read more...]

Ash Gray and the Girls – This Could Be a Wild Night EP

It’s always great to see bands and artists paying homage to the late greats before them. So many new musicians are unnecessarily testing themselves to create flashy, innovative music that they often lose sight of their original goal: making solid, enjoyable music. And for every new take on lo-fi, or dubstep, or whatever the hip new genre is, is a … [Read more...]

The Marches – Good With Words Compilation

The Marches quickly made a name for themselves with their 2008 debut (4a.m. is the New Midnight), a dark yet vivacious labyrinth of Motown horns, hip-hop grooves, and electronic quirkiness. Having gained some notoriety for their unorthodox mashups, the LA-based outfit was recently tapped to contribute a track to a new compilation, Good With Words: … [Read more...]

Interview with Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray’s new album, Lights Out Zoltar!, is out now in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on Bronzerat Records and has a release date of September 7, 2009 for the U.K. and October 27 in the U.S.. Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Gemma!  You’ve posted 3 songs off of Lights Out Zoltar! at your MySpace site at  How … [Read more...]

Super700 – Lovebites

I’ve heard a lot of bands attempt a retro 1980s synth/pop sound. Most of them fail because of an annoying vocalist, antagonistic, egocentric noisiness and flat out bad songwriting. They could learn a thing or two from Germany’s Super700 and their newest release, Lovebites. It’s a pleasant, humble and romantic outing of memorable hooks, … [Read more...]