Pantha Du Prince – XI Versions of Black Noise

When listening to the kind of music Pantha Du Prince is known for – ornate, orchestral, lush – the sheer strength of the compositions, alone, can blow you away. If you travel back to his second, beautiful album, This Bliss, one would be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate title. Affluent with disciplined layers of sounds and tones that all … [Read more...]

Gil Scott-Heron/Jamie xx – We’re New Here

For his 2010 album, Gil Scott-Heron returned after a long hiatus with I’m New Here’s breathtaking new highs. After a long break that found Scott-Heron dealing with personal demons, he sounded just as personal and raw in creating what was probably the year’s finest comeback. The album bristled with genuine songwriting that found Scott-Heron asking, … [Read more...]

!!! – Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass Remix EP

Lately, a lot of popular bands have been posting track stems and asking fans for remixes. Most of the time, however, a big-name act snags the top spot, demolishing countless aspiring remix-preneurs. And usually they are the best. The point is that remixes are very difficult projects to undertake. For a fan, the idea of taking a song you love … [Read more...]

Easy Star All-Stars – Dubber Side of the Moon

In 2003 Easy Star All-Stars released Dub Side of the Moon, a dub-style remix of one of the greatest rock albums of all time, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I was skeptical at first, as I am with most contemporary attempts at remixes of great albums, but was hooked before the end of "Speak to Me/Breathe".  Now, E.S. All-Stars hit us with yet … [Read more...]

Cocosuma – The Jar EP

Forget that it’s just a brief little snippet of life and its simplicities; they’re always around and yet, we face so many difficulties in life too. Or just try to picture the title as something more than a closed in, suffocating torture chamber because on the new EP leading up to their official LP, Cocosuma are able to cook up some fantastic ideas … [Read more...]

Aarktica – In Sea Remixes

Last year's In Sea, the most recent full-length of Jon DeRosa's Aarktica project, was, at once, warmly familiar and curiously novel. Its tracks certainly exhibited the particular sound that DeRosa has been cultivating for years under the Aarktica banner, a three-way intersection of drone, ambient, and intimate bedroom pop, but its means were … [Read more...]

Bibio – The Apple and the Tooth

After what many now consider to be a sprawling banner year for Bibio’s Stephen Wilkinson – a year that not only found the self-taught producer growing by leaps and bounds – there wasn’t much else to conquer. Usually, when you get one good album from an artist then you mostly take it and run but when you get two great albums, well, now we’re just … [Read more...]

New album from Fieldhead in November

Leeds resident Paul Elam records his solo works as Fieldhead. Paul is a full-time member of The Declining Winter (featuring members of Hood) and a member of Glissando's Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble. Fieldhead releases They Shook Hands for Hours through Home Assembly Music on November 2nd. The release comes as a 10 track CD album, with a limited … [Read more...]

Watcha Clan with Various Artists – Diaspora Remixed

If there’s such a thing, underneath the underground of world music, Watcha Clan’s Diaspora Hi-Fi was somewhat of a, well, underground hit. Brimming with a uniqueness that exposes life-loving and exploring musicians, the artists behind this clan are living life to the fullest extent. After touring the globe, in which some notoriety and acclaim … [Read more...]

Caroline – Murmurs Mixes

When considering remix albums, choices should be carefully disposed and meticulously calculated. Coming up with solutions on when to release them is another question on its own. A group like Junior Boys has made a name for re-releasing its albums and pairing them with a remix album. And with time, I am sure that we will see a remix disc whenever … [Read more...]